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Black Box Theater as Abandoned Zoo

2008 Winner

We are proud to announce that the Winner of the 2008 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Competition has been selected by our final judge, Elizabeth Austen. This year's winner is
Dana Elkun, for her manuscript Black Box Theater as Abandoned Zoo.

Katie Kingston
Robert E. Wood
Claire Zoghb
Shaking the Kaleidoscope
Sleight of Hand
Riding the Bus in Alexandria
Sally Albiso
Juditha Dowd
Terry Godbey
Marianna Hofer
Penelope Scambly Schott
What Remains
Shiver and Spark
The Lush Language of Light
The Colloquy of Magpie and Tia
Sally Albiso
Mary Armstrong
Katy Cappello
Angie Chuang
Rob Carney
William Ford
Jesse S. Fourmy
Susan F. Glassmeyer
Carol L. Gloor
Red Hawk
Mark Heinlein
Jean Hollander
Terry Lucas
Jacqueline Lyons
Janet McCann
E. K. Mortenson
E. K. Mortenson
Peter E. Murphy
Arlene Naganawa
Susan Sample
Amy Schrader
John Surowiecki
Elizabeth Thomas
Buff Whitman-Bradley
Wanita Zumbrunnen
Learning How to Live
Winter Quarters
A Classic Game of Murder
Another Garden Rises in Another City
From the Book of Elements
Descending With Miles
The Blue Cat
Body Matters
The Methodist Home and Other Places of Last Resort 
The Indian Killer
how we fill our days
When the Wolf Rises in the Heart
The Gate
Lost Colony
A Cat Named Flaubert
Another One of These Days
Placing Light
The Man Who Never Was
Private Graveyard
At A Loss
The Situation and What Crosses It
Playing Miniature Golf With J. Z. After Helen
An Airplane Crash in Ancient China
All Mortals Shall Dream Dreams