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Timons Esaias

2015 Louis Award Winner

Timons Esaias of Pittsburgh, PA for his manuscript
Why Elephants No Longer Communicate in Greek.

Timons Esaias of Pittsburgh is a poet, satirist, essayist,
and writer of short fiction whose works have appeared
in nineteen languages, so far.

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“Good poetry is largely about the voice of the poet. In these wry and personable poems, Timons Esaias shows how good of a poet he is. In topics that range from the day-to-day to the sardonically fanciful, he provides pleasures for everyone from the casual poetry reader to the hard core, omnivorous fanatic. Esaias does what all good poets do: he’s continually interesting.”

—Mike James, author of The Year We Let The House Fall Down


Poem from
Why Elephants No Longer Communicate in Greek

All The Important People #2

Much is lost. My age. Who
that woman in the yellow chair is.
If it’s Tuesday that we have hot-dogs
or another day.

Lethe is a word that I remember. I keep
dreaming that a Saint Bernard with
one of those little kegs, brought me
water from Lethe.

I am afraid. That woman is afraid, too.
Questions keep coming, mysteries, threats,
and that is frightening, and so also
is dreaming.

I have only fragments. A bell tower;
the name of a city in what I think is Europe;
all the important people, nameless now,
gathered at my wedding.
Why Elephants No Longer Communicate in Greek


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