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Jerome Gagnon

2018 Louis Award Winner

The field of entries this year for the Louis Award was impressive. Contest judge Timons Esaias has selected the Winner: Jerome Gagnon age 70, from the Bay Area, CA, for his manuscript Rumors of Wisdom. Timons enjoyed all the manuscripts he read and found it very challenging to select a winner.

Timons had this to say about Rumors of Wisdom: "What impressed me throughout was that the poems tended to be about very specific things, or memories, or details, even when being used metaphorically for bigger things. And the details were interesting and mostly fresh."


Poem from Rumors of Wisdom


They’ve come so far to be here
this one time,
slice of a moment we notice briefly
before it passes into something else,
expecting the usual curves they bring us,
the subtle flesh scent
as we come to them, not in awe, exactly,
but more in gratitude
for how they’ve suddenly ripened,
for their promised sweetness,
and not especially for the shifting umbras
that help to define them
but which are still notable —

these two late and freckled pears,
gleaming on a windowsill.
Rumors of Wisdom


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