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The Grape Painter

2001 Winner

We are proud to announce that the winner for the 2001 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Contest is Lou Suarez's manuscript, The Grape Painter.
In addition, we would like to make special mention of the following manuscripts which were finalists in the contest:
J.P. Dancing Bear
Nancy Brady Cunningham
Leigh Forrest
Audrey Friedman
Nancy Glover
Douglas Goetsch
Lois Marie Harrod
Gayle Elen Harvey
Margaret J. Hoehn
Abbott Ikeler
Joseph Lisowski
Gianmarc Manzione
Martha Miller
Peter E. Murphy
Devorah Namm
Jessica Jordan Nudel
Diane Payne
Meg Peterson
Linda K. Sienkiewicz 
Marilynn Talal
Susan Thomas 
Parker Towle
Patricia Vineski
Stacey Waite
The Tiny Death of My Hand
Empty Moon
Evidence of Humans
With Love, From Me
There Beside Me
What Would Make Me Happy
Large Reclining Nude
The Hotel Eden
Balancing on Light
Stashu Kapinski Strikes Out
Clutter of Bones
light invades
Shaping Up
The Way Things Happen
The Sound of Rain Keeps Me from Dreaming
Suddenly Nothing Seems Familiar
Bringing Down the Ceiling
Scent of the Sky
Burning Stairs and an Unfinished Life
Listen to the Moon
Things are not as Black
Butch Geography