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2006 Editor's Choice Award

The editors of Concrete Wolf have chosen Janet Norman Knox's Eastlake Cleaners When Quality & Price Count [a romance] as a winner of an Editor's Choice Award.

Janet Norman Knox’s poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and have appeared in Crab Creek Review, Rhino, Diner, Seattle Review, Adirondack Review , Poetry Southeast, Cranky Literary Journal , Red Mountain Review, and Diagram. She was a 2007 finalist for the Discovery/The Nation award.

Praise for Eastlake Cleaners When Quality & Price Count [a romance]:

"As Janet Norman Knox advises us about her lyrical heroine: ' She knows where dragons live. / Some migratory, others resident. / She visits their nests.'  The nests of verbal beauty on the pages of this book will stay with readers for a long time. This is true poetry, exciting and imaginative in its scope, muscular and memorable in its verbal music. It is memorable because it is dares to go places we haven't heard of, and do so with grace that is wild, yes, but also heart-rendering. There is much play in this sequence of poems, all of  it earned and felt through, delivered with precision and clarity.  I love her poems." ~ Ilya Kaminsky