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We are proud to announce that the Winner of the 2016 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Competition has been selected by our final judge, Christopher J. Jarmick. This year's winner is Carla Kirchner of Springfield, MO, for her manuscript The Physics of Love.

Christoper Jarmick says of this manuscript: "There is a seamless blend of images, metaphors and personal insights in many of the poems that reveal a poet with a unique and distinctive voice. The poems are well crafted, balanced, interesting, revealing, and relate-able. Some have humor, others embrace an accepted sadness (and a few offer a combination of both). I enjoyed every poem and in many discovered something new with every read. I look forward to reading them again in the near future and believe this collection should be available for others to discover and enjoy. "


The Physics of Love is all about connection, the starstuff that intertwines mother and child, soul and stone, and the living and the dead–‘all of us spinning against each other in the dark’ and ‘bumping into God’ while we’re at it. With surprising imagery and fearless spirituality, Kirchner blurs the border between heaven and earth, delighting us with its gorgeous heartaches and mysteries. A dazzling debut worthy of savoring again and again.”

—Tania Runyan, author of What Will Soon Take Place: Poems and How to Write a Poem

Excerpt from The Physics Of Love

The Law of Inertia

We are taking the piano apart,
no longer willing to drag it from place to place.
The “A” below middle “C” is stubbornly silent.
I barely remember the lessons or the way
my fingers cupped all that music,

Together, we remove the lid.  

Together, we heave out its heart and all
its delicate hammers like so many broken fingers.
Each snipped string recoils with regret
until there is nothing left to do but lug it to the curb.

“Perhaps we should keep it,” you say.
But how, with all that history between us,
the bench in pieces on the dining room floor,
the keys already scattered to the snow?
The Physics of Love


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