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2022 Winner: Mark MacAllister, Quiet Men and Their Coyotes

 Mark MacAllister

Mark MacAllister

After a difficult deliberation, Judge Lana Hechtman Ayers selected as winner: Quiet Men and Their Coyotes by Mark MacAllister of Pittsboro, NC.

Lana notes: “The descriptions in this collection are rich, multi-layered, and completely immersive. I kept going back and rereading all the poems.”

Mark MacAllister lives in Pittsboro, North Carolina and travels widely in the backcountry of the Upper Midwest. His poems appear or are forthcoming in several journals, including Steam Ticket, Quiet Diamonds, The Journal of Undiscovered Poets, Deep Wild: Writing From the Backcountry and Passager Journal. For nearly 40 years his professional work has focused on the conservation of wildlands and wildlife.

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